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>Fucked a Latina last year.
>She gets engaged with some other guy.
>Tells me she she's in "love" with him.
>I don't care.
>Tell her I'm gonna be in her city.
>She starts messaging me a lot and we're already organizing meeting up.

Why even bother trying to find a "nice" girl in the current year?
Do what you want but the other guy isn't going to be happy about it. Get another girl without any plans for marriage how about that? Not sure if bait and if it is whatever.
I'm not even sure if I'm gonna try and fuck her, but she's putting herself in to a position where it could easily happen.

As for the guy, he's older than I am, if he hasn't learnt by now, he needs to be taught a lesson, even if I'm not the one who does it.
Or you could just not meet up, and tell the poor dude that his woman is a whore. I've always thought that sleeping with a cheater is to cheating what buying stolen goods is to stealing.
>unironically this
OP actively participating in something you know is wrong still makes you an accomplice. You know she's cheating, its partly on you too now friendo
Choose 1

It's like blacks, and then they realize they got fetishized for skin colour cuz that's the kinda degeneracy they hang around. Hang with whores, see whore behavior.
Based and redpilled. Fuck her if you can, so that her 'boyfriend' will see how she truly is.
women on the whole were always like that, you nigger, and men too. some people have morals, though, and the best someone like you can do is just keep with your kind.

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