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Any advice on how to overcome sleep-deprived panic attacks that prevent you from sleeping? I got sick a month ago and lost sleep. I didn't recover my sleep schedule and started having really bad anxiety/panic which only gives me like 2 hours of sleep a night. I'll wake up with anxiety and I feel like there's no way out. I have trouble falling asleep because every time I drift off, I'll have a panic reaction and wake up. It's terrifying
Might be a thyroid issue.

You can try magnesium and vitamin D.

If you took an antibiotic for your illness a probiotic might be helpful.

And hydrate, hydrate hydrate... saw a statistic that 70% of the population is dehydrated at any given moment.
Thanks a lot
Just this week I had trouble sleeping. I slept for 3 hours for 2 days and thought to myself if I don't sleep well for another night I'll be afraid to drive my car to work. Then I went and bought weed and have been sleeping for 8 hours for the last 3 days and I feel great.
Weed isn't always reliable for me. I would have to know exactly what strand I'm getting. If I get the wrong one that's an instant panic attack for me
I forgot to mention vaping thc started a lot of this. I was using it all the time, I stopped getting high and just felt drowsy. I stopped using it and that's around the time I started losing sleep. I didn't trust using it, didn't feel like normal weed.
You are a prime candidate for a psychiatrist.
No, a psychiatrist won’t go looking for a physical issue. This started with an illness, this is likely a physiological issue not a mental illness issue.
I agree with this. l also forgot to mention what's been happening is as I'm about to fall asleep, it feels like I stop breathing, which jerks me awake. I think I may be developing sleep apnea.
Anxiety in the day will cause this at night as well. I suggest you do meditation and analyze where your stress in coming from. Elminite or minimize it. Example: Panic around exams? Be 100% prepared. Stress in traffic? Leave 20 minutes earlier.

Also get checked out for sleep apnea if you feel like you can't breathe.

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