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Why is there a girl that always says goodbye to me, but never hello or talks to me during the day?

I work at a warehouse processing returns, and every day at the clock out station, a cute coworker looks right at me and says "see you tomorrow/monday." Why? Should I talk to her? What should I say?
This shit is exploding my brain I swear
Because you are, and she is, at work during the start of day.
You should say, "I'm too shy and inexperienced to ever respond to a woman."
Shy yes, inexperienced no. I don't talk to the guys I work with either. Usually it's because I just flat out do not care about the things they joke about.

I just always assume that people want something from me when they talk to me, and saying literally nothing other than goodbye is basically a shotgun to that entire thought process. Why would you say "see ya?" and nothing else to me?
You don't know me, I don't know you. We're not friends. Is this your way of trying to talk to me, but I'm just too wooden to pick up on it?
Actually, I think "don't care" is a bit of an overstatement. Really it's more that I'm stuck in my own head and have a tendency to completely space out of a conversation. I can be looking right at someone and still somehow not be paying attention to whatever it is they're saying. More often than not, I might as well be aphasic, since I'm functionally just hearing noise rather than words.

So I usually just sort of... Don't engage. Hm. That's probably a big contributing factor to my confusion about goodbye girl.

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