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So i graduated from a technical it highschool but i without passion i barely made the programming classes.

after graduating i wanted to do something completely different, which is why i started language studies. i stopped studying, think partly because of my low self esteem. i have been in many jobs since then mostly parttime, from desktop support to retail etc.

a month ago i got a job in a junior billing position in a big company, which requires scripting in python/perl and also knowledge in sql and stuff. i have been able to learn a little bit on the job in this month.

i decided to continue my studies because i am sure my passion does not lie in coding/it, more in languages, and drawing stuff, haha..

but i need money, even then i am wondering if i should quit this job, as i dont see a future in this area and i wont be motivated to continue studying code.. (also i should be able to substitute my colleague in cases, he is a cs graduate and seems to have stress for quite often until now)

not sure, anyway i am very nervous right now, thanks for reading
>but i need money

Is pretty much the crux of the situation. Do you have any immediate alternatives? Jumping ship without another ship to go to is not wise.

As far as passion goes, I've met very few people that are passionate about their job. Doing what you love is nice, but most people either never get the chance or the price is too high.
Life is not a game where you have an unlimited amount of time to flitter from one fancy to another looking for your "passion".

You have a good job where you're earning money and building valuable skills. I would say, don't throw that away because it's not perfect. A lot of people would kill to have work where they're building their earning potential on the job, but instead they're stuck trading their time to money linearly. Eventually you can pivot to interrelated roles that you think you might enjoy more.

Even if you quit and to back to school there's no guarantee that whatever you try is going to be your "passion", you'll just have wasted another 1-4 years that you could have been earning and be that much closer to death.
not right now, but i am certain i would find some low paying job in a month or so.

i think i would be fine doing something only for the money, and follow my passion in the free time for now..

i just feel way too anxious here right now, guy tells me to write a small script and i feel like jumping out the window, in comparison to a low paying job that may be annoying or boring.

for example in my last support job i had no idea how to solve a few problems even after getting explanations and i ran into the bathroom crying, and i am a guy in the midtwenties. i have to man up i guess
exactly as you say, i have no confidence, i feel selfish while others would be glad to take that position, and i feel that i would disappoint the employer the more they see that i cannot do what they expect

Who cares. Just do your best. They're the ones that hired you , and it was their job to evaluate and screen candidates, so if they hired the wrong person , that's their fault. But I don't think that's the case. It's normal to feel unsure, it's called impostor syndrome. Personally I get it too, every day , but we can only do our best and learn what we can and slowly but surely keep moving up and getting closer to figuring out what we really want and are really good at.
well they told me that the company picked the cheapest candidate..
thank you for your helpful words guys,
maybe i will try a little longer

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