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I just starting dating this amazing girl. She is my first gf, I'm 23, I moved to the US couple of years ago from a conservative country that's why.

Anyway, I like her a lot, but I just can't stop thinking about how sad and heart broken I would be if she would break up with me. I can't function, I have exams soon and I can't fucking study.

She tells me she likes me often, tells me I'm a great bf. She sends me cute heart emojis and shit (kek) but still these thoghts are in my head 247 what to do anons
Just enjoy the relationship while you have it, nothing lasts forever
Well that's not true...
Well desu, it is possible for that to happen, as anon before me said, nothing lasts forever. Sometimes you need to live in the moment instead of living with the fear of what tomorrow might bring. The way you see things now, don't allow you to enjoy the relationship and you increase your chances of finding yourself in this particular scenario you created. If it is to end that way, so be it. You will be heartbroken, and need to move forward with life. Just enjoy what you have now, Anon, and you won't regret it

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