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File: 1556505936150.jpg (27 KB, 788x367)
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>MC is weak and has no powers or experience.
>Somehow surpassed everyone and villian in a few days because of hidden power unlocked by friendship.
>MC has all the bones broken and is in pain
>Manages to literally oneshot the villain without any support
>Villain kills himself
>Protoganist has all the bones broken and is in pain
>Manages to literally oneshot the villain without any support
>Villain kills herself
>Character only exists to cause drama and tension
>Their personality is being a generic cunt
>People love them because they have big tits
what is the point of this thread?
File: 1507078528763.png (544 KB, 600x1240)
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544 KB PNG
>Girl cuts her hair to show """character development""" instead of actually just making them a better person, effectively ruining her design while achieving nothing
>helpful friendly genki athletic tomboy childhood friend from a poor family

>tsundere flat-as-a-board rich spoiled brat
>Just any girl in the harem being 20x more interesting
>boring main girl with late as fuck development wins again.
But... Asuka's tits are modest.
yeah dont know why you got bnha as pic then
>i..dont matter what becomes of my life... just give me power
>major asspull followed by yet another major asspull reverting anything threatening the life of mc
File: AOTisf*ckingDEEPbro.jpg (276 KB, 788x453)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
>He became .... the monster he swore to destroy
Anime has been telling you faggots to make friends for decades and here you are, still criticizing cartoons.
>main character forgives the big baddie at the end
Or worse. No Development. They are still the same shitty person as when the manga started, only she likes the MC now.
File: MB_0001.jpg (271 KB, 1280x1818)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>I would never lose against sex with the cock of scum like you!
>9 months later
>Chad babies are born
Hey. I have friends, we criticize cartoons together.
Just like real life.
File: 1551248133412.png (353 KB, 652x376)
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353 KB PNG
that was stupid
Or even worse she likes the MC but waits till the halfway near end that she NOW TRULY likes the MC. Also she doesn't confess but the side chick does and is immediately shot down in the most brutal way possible. I think the vampire manga did it competently while other series scramble to do so with the most blandest main heroine love interest.
File: 1562694743051.png (71 KB, 201x281)
71 KB
>villain is a cute girl
>learns a lesson, all their crimes are forgiven, lives happily ever after, probably with the MC
>villain is an adult male
>is given a fate as bad or worse than death for daring to oppose the MC
That's not exclusive to anime.
Being born with a vagina is living in easy mode
I agree, I just don't know why you chose MHA as a pic, since that doesn't happen in the series.
>MC is basically a "loser"
>powers appear out of nowhere
>literal deus ex machina from author
>author self-inserts and goes from timid to "respect my power"
>basic "good guy" shtick
Naruto, Bleach, MHA, HnI, you fucking name it.
File: 150391.jpg (44 KB, 225x350)
44 KB
>overly cutesy character with a single fang showing
fucking hate the fang
>MC is average looking at best and not rich, but women are throwing themselves at him for no clear reason or BS reasons like "he is a nice guy"
>MC shows zero interest in girls or actively runs away from them, but girls remain madly in love with him forever
>MC gets OP powers at the start of the series for no good reason, followed by a harem
>MC gets isekaied just because a god happens to be really really nice
>every obstacle in the series is easily solved by the MC or his harem using their OP powers with zero danger to the main cast
All bullshit aside, villains shouldn't get free teleport powers and the inexplicable clairvoyance to know where the good guys are and what they are about to do. It's hack writing.
I swear you are talking about Masamune Kun or I can't get my hatred of that manga out of my head
File: 1545803781617.png (743 KB, 1384x1496)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
>OP sucks dicks
>OP makes a hated cliches thread.
Not specifically that one but just in general. Sounds like a shit manga.
>mc is loved by almost every girl he meets for 0 reason
This is the shittiest thing ever. Mangakas are just a bunch of faggots with no personality. Another irritating part of it is that the mc is so dumb that he doesn't realize anything while any other character, even the character they just met, realizes it.
>mc is a loser that gets power through asspull despite him having done nothing to deserve that power
Why? Just start with the mc already having such power and cut out the bull shit.
>sudden asspulls that make the mc so overpowered that the author forcibly adds side effects
Just think before pulling through such asspulls
>somehow nobody in the mc party dies
Cut out the plot armor faggot of a magaka
>this character is super smart
>0 sign of intelligence throughout the whole manga
I get that the authors aren't smart so they can't really create a smart character but at least they could try more
>mc is passive as a duck
Why even make such MC?
>let's go eat in a fancy restaurant
>burger or rice omelette with ketchup
The MC loved by any girl is one of the most laziest things possible. Don't forget the MC is usually a bumbling idiot with the personality of cardboard. Also there is usually the side character MC friend who is usually a much better character than him and gets nothing.
File: 1555534978950.png (101 KB, 1312x1076)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
It is.
Though /a/ would never admit it because it falls into the same trap as TWGOK, Nisekoi, Prison School, etc. Where any form of critique of the series is just 'X fag seething'
When really it's just a manga about horribly shallow people being assholes to each other and their family. Never learning or regretting this, all while MC does Oriemo tier denying other girls for a revenge plan that never comes to fruition because it became obvious in chapter 3. All capped off with a big as fuck retcon and a bait and switch with a fucking lesbian doppleganger and then the aforementioned 'Girl likes MC, except not really, but then Fan Favorite gets the final shooting down' down to her kissing MC with 2 chapters remaining in the series.
Sounds like Black Clover
>Implying mangakas read mentallly ill ret/a/rds
What's the difference between Mangakas and ret/a/rds?
They earn money
>the reduced lifespan is never relevant at any point
But i earn money too,am i mangaka?
That's just realism. Women get lower sentences all the time irl.
this is it
this is the reason why I lift
it must be destroyed
File: 1411663370579.gif (2.96 MB, 640x360)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
>tournament arc
>on a martial art stage
>the fighting is not martial arts
>mc goal is to get highest from 10 ranks
>after getting to 2 or 3 he just skip everything and either get rank 10 for free or plot just change and ranks are now irrelevant
>mc join magical academy
>by second year academy is irrelevant or mc just drop out/graduate
I fucking hate this, why bother introducing system or institution only to fucking brake or abandon it in few chapters.
>MC powers secret technique from lifespan
>It never comes up.
File: 1520222017312.gif (678 KB, 480x320)
678 KB
678 KB GIF
man retards where assblasted buy this i love it
>looked it up

Now I remember it. Yeah I dropped this long as time ago. Nothing was going anywhere with this.
how'd you write a best selling manga thats only second to one piece then mr genius writer.
Deku hasn't surpassed anyone. Plus he has help all the time.
This. Fucking this.
>Butthurt anon desperate for (you)
>Still gets none.
Its worse during tournament arcs. that's he epitome of over dramatics with moves and narrating anything that's happening. As for ideals yeah final bosses usually fall for that and its pretty bad.
File: bucci.png (292 KB, 683x386)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
not exactly a cliche but literally what all shonen battle anime do. they always kill tension by being over dramatic. Characters rambling off like they're doing a soliloquy about their abilities or ideologies in the midst of a heated battle. Then the fucking worse is the peanut gallery reacting to what we just seen. And telling us what we already knew.
One commentator would be like:
second commentator:
third commentator:
I can't take it
Is it really worth telling the story of the strong person beating the weak person?
>man does the haircut scene and promises to himself some bullshit about changing
>he actually changes for better or worse
at least it's something. haircuts are still a shitty meme though
File: muh dick.jpg (280 KB, 576x1296)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
>big baddie was actually justified the whole time
>not an asspull at all, it was foreshadowed though several subtle hints
shame it unironically happens more often in video games like chrono trigger
>MC is a loser
>works hard to get stronger and make a name for himself
>his father is a legend
>he had special blood all along
>there was a prophecy written about them
>author expects everyone to think he still had to work hard for his achievements
>big baddie was actually justified
>unironically makes more sense to root for the baddie now, and every characters knows it
>MC kills the badie anyways
can't get kinoer than that
>female character is a friendless loser
immersion broken
File: 1472306186654.jpg (12 KB, 124x185)
12 KB
>group of powerful men
>there's one or two token powerful women, too
>they never have a serious fight
>they never do anything to show off their power
>author does everything he can to sideline or off-panel them
>enemies make up excuses to stay away from them
>if it weren't for exposition we wouldn't even know they were supposed to be strong to begin with
It's suspension shattering to see a world where even 5% of the most competent fighters are women, even with magic, but the least you could do is treat them like real fucking characters. If even the author doesn't believe they belong there, why the fuck should I?
File: 3.jpg (1.69 MB, 1900x1362)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
Naruto in a nutshell. Then again it was already made up when the nine tails existed. Making him ninja Jesus just made it worse.
>expecting mangaka to actually treat powerful women right.
File: mim.png (29 KB, 128x128)
29 KB
>Actually, Really Godâ„¢ character is introduced
>Immediately labelled evil and another bad guy to fight withina few chapters because his grand design doesn't serve the interests of the good guys

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