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Name a bigger waste of potential in all of anime than Gohan, I'll wait
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the entirety of bleach
It was only because fans demanded Goku to be in the spotlight again.
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>rubs shoulders with literal demi-gods since 13 y.o.
>surrounded by specialists in every area of the ninja arts
>stated to have higher IQ then saske
>and even better chakra control then him
>chakra supply not even small, just averege, so bigger then for example Itachi
>all she ever did in the original series was cut her hair
>in shippuden she helped an old lady beat one villain but in the hardest part of the fight she wasn't even in control of her own body
>she also did mouth to mouth to MC once
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Chiyo was awesome
everything after cell was just downhill for his character, especially adding on a mini clone of goku to take the place of young gohan, and of course goku never really being able to take a back seat.

do you think he did it to spite the fans who wouldn't allow him to use gohan to take over the series and made him keep goku around? or was he just that bad at writing?
She was, Sakura a little bit in that fight but only in that fight.
Her resurrection jutsu was vaguely asspullish, but at the same time, it makes sense that a puppet master would havr a technique to give life to the dead.
What's asspullish is that throught the history of the sand village the best resurrection/animation jutsu they had required them to die while konoha has a jutsu of infinite indestructible resurrections.
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Your fathers semen somehow impregnating your mother through the asshole, leading to a lifeform that only identifies others through a Kevin Bacon like procedure of associations with fictional entities like a mental disease overtaking healthy biological software; Yes if I were to name it in your style I'd call you....Kudzu...Kudzunde WINE.
Nippon are weird people, USA are even weirdos and LATIN AMERICAN FUCKING COCONUTS!!
All of narutos class mates.
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Have they master GREED SEVER!?
Remember must you, protecto za balls of native peoples from stupid fat children who want to thieve your crops of pretty green much tall bullshit flowers, because fanfiction is a cubic zirconian of increasing love. Hey, hey let's go...
>What's asspullish is that throught the history of the sand village
You do know that the history of the villages spans not even 100 years at that point and Suna created a Jutsu that actually resurrects a person; a feat that only Rinnegan users accomplished
Thats great and all but impure world reincarnation makes the resurrection immortal have with infinite chakra regeneration and be obediant to the user. Yes it's not TRUE life but what a better jutsu it is then even the rinnegan one.
>Japan don't give fuck about Gohan, USA goes fucking insane about Gohan be a jobber and LATAM GOHAN BLANCHO FIASCO!!

Generally all Warriors Z (or Super??) are wasted potentials especially Piccolo (he really need more namekians to fuse). Weirdly enough Master Roshi isn't case compared others, he weak compared others but still the ones MVPs all saga.

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