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>My Kaiser, I am transmitting to you on all frequencies so I know you will get this message. I had no part in your assassination attempt. I am being set up. I would gladly travel to you, but I fear assassination by those setting me up. Tell me how we should proceed that doesn't put my life and honor at risk.

Was that so hard?
The fact that you would think this shows that you have no pride
>top 10 anime moments that woman are unable to understand
finish the god damm arc before posting retard
>character's main flaw is his pride
>solution to his problem is to give up his pride
wow OP congrats on really figuring this one out, if only he did the thing he couldn't do
And your totally forgetting that his senpai in an off hand remark told him to take power whenever he could.
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>woman in charge of understand manly anime
Honestly though, fuck Reuenthal. All those loyal soldiers mislead and sacrificed for the sake of his own selfish pride. How could anyone admire a man like that?
>start a civil war on an off hand remark
So you're saying it was autism?

>I'm being framed, so I'll go along with it

Pride would be to acknowledge you fucked up the Kaisers safety in the first place. You knew people were out to get you, and the Kaiser was coming to your territory.
yea that whole arc just felt forced
Why doesn't anyone blame oberstein for Lang?
Leading millions of innocent people to their deaths? For 4channel edgelords and bootlickers, that's a feature, not a bug.
I thought it was weird too, but it wasn't just pride. it was OVERWHELMING pride. Childhood trauma pride. Can't love a women pride. The signs were there the entire time, and he showed how far it went.
File: IMG_1212.jpg (69 KB, 593x447)
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Why didn't he just move all of his forces to the corridor and ask Julian to help shoot down the other imperials? What a baka
this. Reuenthal is a tragic character whose defining character flaw is his pride, so much so that he starts a rebellion that gets millions killed.
for the same reason he started the rebellion in the first place; his pride wouldn't allow him to call on help, especially from outside the Empire.
File: IMG_0604.jpg (57 KB, 448x450)
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He literally asked them to stop admiral rearguard from passing through
now that you mention it, I do remember that. it's been a long time since I watched it last.
File: 1471969687205.png (114 KB, 688x478)
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>trying to frame me as a traitor?
>thats stupid, I'll be a traitor under my own terms!

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