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File: Next gen girl.jpg (34 KB, 1005x685)
34 KB
Square Enix Shows Off Incredible, Cutting-Edge Tech Demo

uffff, she has hair on her face, fucking grose
>a whore back stage slathering on makeup
perfect metaphor for modern gaming
Nice scene but not really a stride forward from what's already been achieved with realtime tech years ago.
As far as the character it's very similar to what Naughty dog achieved with uncharted 4 back in 2016 (which by no means reflect badly on the talent over at square).
And the lighting could be anything Direct X 12.

The sampling quality is really impressive but til I see it this side of consumer hardware I'm inclined to believe it's prob just frame scaling on a crazy powerful machine.

The rest to me is a lot of smoke and mirrors in that they bothered to detail such a mundane task and close in on depicting subtle details
that one never bother with making in the first place to make it look that more technologically impressive on the surface level as a demo.

Looking at it you can tell the whole putting on make-up and breathing on a mirror and drawing in the condensation is gonna be misread as something intrinsic
to the engines power rather than clever art tricks by filthy casuals and fanbois.

All in all beautiful scene but what this cut really highlights is the level of artistry of the square team.
1990's ---> 2020's
Human work ---> Computer work
Animator labor of love ---> Mocap
Artist texturing passionate work ---> Photo generated textures
Artist induced illusions and wizardry ---> Physics based lighting

Fuck off vidya, you're gay.
Can't perform on the contemporary level ey?
Pretty uncanny.
>uffff, she has hair on her face, fucking grose

Absolutely disgusting. Digital worlds are meant to be better than reality...
Funny you say uncharted. I haven't played the game but that look was exactly what I thought of from that thunbnail.
When she cried a little, I was expecting her face to melt and fall off. Weird, must've been the lighting or something, it gave me a horror game vibe. I don't even play horror games, wtf.
Looks worse than real-time games nowadays
I thought it was a bit of spider string for a second
People don't just let out tears like that. Eyes would be blinking, much more watery, sniffing

Square's put out far more interesting tech demos in the past. They tend to age really poorly in like two to three years time, but at least it's a cool watch.



Obviously the logical step forward from that is to put some latino-looking whore in front of a mirror, shine a soft light in front of her face and have her apply makeup? If you didn't tell me this was raytraced, I would've never even thought about it. Guess the feature is just far too intense for anything besides a static environment with a single skinned mesh sitting in front of a mirror.
No bra
extremely underwhelming
This doesn't really look better than current gen AAA tech. Perhaps the lighting is more advanced, but the main character was as unconvincing as ever.
Environment is nice but the character totally misses the mark and hits the uncanny valley
File: 12 09 2019 ofidpkjhgf.jpg (206 KB, 1600x1800)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
and the story sucks
>R U that woman hating aggravated incel we all keep hearing aboot anon?
It's a pretty pointless scene indeed, the tear confused me.
Haven't you noticed how some women cry every now and then for no particular reason at all? It is nothing to be confused about, it is what they do.

To understand women just picture their mind as that of a ordinary guy who is high as a kite.

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