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Give me one good reason as to why you're still using this over Blender.
havnt touched SFM in 5+ years but in many ways SFM is alot easier/more intuitive than blender regarding animation.

also if youre a talentless faggot you can get all sorts of pre-made models to make porn with
The Ik rigs.

Setting up a Ik rig is jarring, and using auto IK rigging requires to scrap what you already have. So meaning you need to learn good weighting. And the only Ik rigs for bledner is overwatch stuff.

Everyone also sets their IK rigs differently. So you have to learn the gimmicks of someone else Ik rigs.

SFM, for most is just a simple plug and play, a simple animators tool for hobbies who just want to animation things in a non time consuming way.
Models and maps ready out of the box
Auto IK rig script
Easy to switch from IK to FK
No need to mess with weight mapping
Maps that don't need converting
User friendly interface
Camt you use deformation cages in blender though? No weight mapping needed.

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