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File: FxtecPro1004.jpg (72 KB, 1219x1000)
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What cgpeers rigging series will let me learn how to make helper and control bones to properly deform hops, shouldare, and buttocks? I can't find anything on this shit. It's always basic ass bipeds that deform horribly and can't even twist the hips without freaking the fuck out.
use advanced skeleton. Its free and industry standard
that's just a basic biped with some correct shape keys. i'm talking about helper joints to fix the hip and clavicle joints when they're twisting. the shapes in that advanced skeleton thing don't really do much in that area.
adv skeleton is a lot more than a basic biped system kid
did you not listen to what i said? it doesn't have the helper joints i need to prevent intersection and volume collapse. period. stop shilling some random rig for free on a chinese baskweaving forum unless you're capable of proving otherwise.
>it doesnt have helper joints
just a shill. gotcha.
>requesting cgp rigging series in 2019
learn proper topology and weight painting
it's impossible to weight paint in a way that fixes volume collapse on all three axes of rotation though.
>shilling some shitty autorig in 2019
>t. dunning kruger

Doesn't matter if the skeleton is placed randomly in each model. It's infuriating how shit rigging is still in the current year.
why are you placing joints randomly? what?

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