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File: 14686239853154.jpg (19 KB, 214x197)
19 KB
Enough with shitty memes, let's collect some actual issues ITT
>you can't pin vertices (you technically can by "hiding them" but that is total ass when you need to see them while editing
>you can't copy 2 or all three axis coordinates of a vertex at once to copy over to some other vertex
vertex normal editing
uv unwrapping is years behind the competition
Not possible to just select a bunch of surfaces and apply existing materials in one click like it is possible in most other softwares.
In the outliner, you can't select a bunch of items at once by shift clicking the top item and then the last one you want to have included, you have to use the motherfucking BOX SELECTION TOOL to pull a box over the items you want to have selected at once. In the outliner. What the fuck.
>vertex normal editing
What specifically? There is already various vertex/edge/face normal editing tools.

If they are different objects in object mode, select the objects with the object you want to copy from selected last, ctrl+l > materials. If they are different mesh pieces within a mesh in edit mode, select any vert/edge/face on each island, ctrl+l, and assign material in the properties panel.

There is an outliner gsoc branch that may add this, I don't know, I haven't looked into it. You could always suggest it in the thread for project feedback for it (google it).
>uv unwrapping is years behind the competition

I'm not following, dawg. What am I missing out on? I thought UVing is and always will be a drag? I've never had trouble marking seams and setting up my islands.
No nifskope support
>If they are different objects in object mode, select the objects with the object you want to copy from selected last, ctrl+l > materials. If they are different mesh pieces within a mesh in edit mode, select any vert/edge/face on each island, ctrl+l, and assign material in the properties panel.
Sure, linking the materials works but it's one of those many things you first have to find out about first instead of having something really simple like a panel with 32px big materia previewl balls that you can just click with the surface/object selected to apply to.
everything can be learned but often you just have to ask yourself why some things have to be overcomplicated when there are working and proven simpler ways.
And with those preview I mean all materials used in the scene
That sounds like something could be tackled when they get to work on the upcoming asset manager.
That's actually what I really like about the Blender project. Most really big issues usually get worked on at some point and considering they worked on it all those years for less than some teacher earns things might get really interesting with all the dosh they receive now (including the additional devs like that sculpting wizard)
Proper NURBS tools instead of the half assed garbage implementation we have now would be nice. They just put in the NURBS surface, called it a day, and claimed it's a feature.
It's hardly even a tech demo.
Whenever I ask people about NURBS I hear shit like "what, no one uses this anymore, this isn't the 90s". If I'm correct it still is used in CAD, in high precision shit and all but I guess outside of that it's dead, especially now that the boolean meme got so big and everyone is just slapping shit together and runs the boolean over it.
File: Blender in a nutshell.jpg (511 KB, 1124x2504)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
The reason for the phenomenon of pic related is answered at the bottom from one of these Blender add-on developers and them attempting to work with the official master branch of Blender.

You're program is not "coded by the people" it's very much a controlled little project. Go ahead and see how far you get by contributing some code being a random anon.
While this is true the most devs who complain in a big way about their experience with contributing to Blender coincidentally have some hefty priced addons going.
I do not doubt that there is a lot of bullshittery going on behind the scenes but yeah, I kinda like to hear both sides of stories, especially when money is involved.
What do other softwares have that make them light-years apart? I don't make complex stuff I suppose but I don't have issues making seams and moving islands around, actually since 2.8 it's become even more of a breeze with the better selections
This one hurts the most
didn't take long for this to turn into a damage control thread
Just dropping by to remind you all that fully collaborative open source development, just like "real communism", has never worked, doesn't work, and will never ever in a million years be a thing.
>Whenever I ask people about NURBS I hear shit like "what, no one uses this anymore, this isn't the 90s".
Same. Though from what I've seen, it's incredibly useful for modelling shit like cars and planes. While you could get the same result doing subdiv modelling, doing it with NURBS is really the proper way to be doing it.

It's still the standard for CAD and stuff though.
I'm such a sucker for clean topology that slapping booleans on shit irks the fuck out of me. Even if it's not really going to be animated, good clean topology gets me rock hard.
Auto retopology tools
No motion trail editing for animation.

Baking system that isnt total dog butt.
Not that poster who said.
but I can name a few.
Mirror Uv's for a start.

Turning islands in to squares even if thy're not perfectly squared. (Basing it off face is a total shit fest.)

(They did allow multi editing tools, so thats a god send.)
Overall sculpting is pretty okay, I would like better way to share and upload brushes, that doesnt feel awful. Boolean is good tho... but why did they remove the carve?
With the skinning modifyer, and the metaballs, its very quick and easy how fast you can set up a base mesh.

Loop tools and f2 are great, but they're turned off. and retopology tools are pretty scarce. But With those 2 tools blender is pretty okay.

2.8 made some good changes for texturing, however I feel like its pretty shit still, Like I cannot merge 2 different images like a simple copy paste without needing to hop out blender for such a simple task, and a poor baking system always feels you need to jump out of blender for this. Uv Unwraping is pretty awful compared to some programs.
4/10 (just prepare to hop out of blender often for this task.)

Its so poor.. I feel like rigging is meh, and setting up an IK rig is far worse. Auto weighing is pretty good.
5/10 (it gets the job done. If you want to go above and beyond I wouldn't recommend blender.

No motion trail editing, when your not animating on a familiar axis. The editing curves become confusing. some simple stuff can become so overbearing to deal with, like turning on and off modifiers, and then they're throwing a fit.
5/10(bogged down because of dealing with the shit rigs and shit modifiers)

Dispite what people think, I liked 2.79b layout. I didnt think is was total shit. but 2.8 certainly did improve its workflow and other things, I do find it annoying over a few thing things being as hidden as they are. but Not a total loss.

>Nit piks
Vertex painting still doesnt have a proper Mirror function
Uvs Dont have a proper mirror function
Modifyers cannot be applied If it has shape keys.
When playing back an animation, blender doesnt tell me what bogging down the thing.
No proper feed back, like whats causing the auto weights to freaking out.
auto weighting is weak

playback is slow as fuck
animation layering is weak

no functional eraser
no brush tool

>library linking
no overrides
A non retarded UI
A non retarded way of doing anything
>Just dropping by to remind you all that fully collaborative open source development, just like "real communism", has never worked, doesn't work, and will never ever in a million years be a thing.
--he said, using an infrastructure based mostly on open source software.
Proper baking system
PBR texture painting
Procedural materials like Substance
Viewport that doesn't die when trying to edit more than 100k polys

...just to name a few
>Hefty price addons
most are like 20 bucks, the audience who buys them is like 100 people and the months of his life the dev burned for that addon is 3. Do the math

Only people who turn a profit on these things is Andrew Price, Blendermarket and CGcookie
UDIM support
well it's about damn time
Finally. Now we can go over to the Substance guys and tell them that Blender got there faster. How embarrassing.
Only took them...what? 5 years?!
File: 165468746877.jpg (4 KB, 240x240)
4 KB
thread is really cool and civilized for /3/ standards. I'm actually proud of you guys, keep it up.
Well, there's finally proper funding
Read into it a little and you'll find out that the e-cycles guy wanted to only implement some features as a base for selling additional improvements separately. That's probably why he was rejected.

The packing algorithm sucks and can't keep duplicates on top of each other while packing. Thankfully UV packmaster pro takes care of this but it would be nice if the features could be integrated in native blender.

2.8's UI is great.


Why waste ressources on this while there's the substance suite everyone uses? I agree with the viewport performance though.
90% developed by a small group of people from corporations with financial interests, not "the public". Try again.
File: 1467655174503.jpg (36 KB, 707x299)
36 KB
>2.8's UI is great
Nice goalpost moving. Try again.
Nice reading comprehension. Try again.
what if there were an addon to allow collaborative editing in real time?
or maybe at least share files like reference image planes etc,on the fly?
or to draw gease pencil on each others files
>"Verse 2.0 is network protocol for real-time sharing of 3D data. It is intended mostly for graphical applications of collaborative virtual reality. It could be used for sharing data between applications like Blender."
No Paint Effects

I kid, I kid.
>why waste resources on baking
>why waste resources on basic fucking 3D functionality implemented better than awful
>why waste resources on creating Blender in the first place if only thing it's good at is moving verts around at a snails pace
Wasn't Blender planning on adding the Mypaint brush engine to its texture paint tools at one point?
Nice argument.

I was talking about texture painting, not baking.
You didn't give any arguments yourself, so you can't really say that.

That being said, I agree. I 100% prefer proprietary software, and I wish blender would just become an actual company, with a proper lead designer, because one of the biggest problems with blender has been a lack of focus.

I also wish they'd just charge for the program, like a one time fee of 20-50€ or something, because I actually want blender to succeed.
Not the guy you were responding to, but that's the (original) argument. They kind of ARE at this point, which is where all the improvements are coming from. They have a small, organized group of core developers working on a product with a financial backing (73k EUR/month as of writing) and other corporations helping them for their own self interests (Nvidia, Epic, Otoy, etc). The source being easily accessible or the license it's under has fuck all to do with any of it. The extent of "da community" developing Blender is users submitting bug reports and making plugins that might get incorporated if they become ubiquotous like it happens with Unity, not "every 2% of the codebase is contributed by one of thousands of random guys from Slovakia or Brazil who had a smart idea".
you can do the second thing by snapping to the other vertex while moving it constrained to the plane of the two coordinates you want to copy.

you forgot to mention that blender foundation managed the biggest trick autodesk is failing for decades. their developers are mostly young people just out of education. older generation is working mostly in the background taking over the organisation when young are at the front playing with new ideas.
>Only people who turn a profit on these things

dont talk the shit. all 3 of them spend shit ton of their profits back to the blender foundation.

also people, who think that they will cash heavy after two 2-3 addon scripts, are fucking delusional.
I don't know if I'd go that far. Most of the "new ideas" that have come out of the project so far include a realtime renderer and some gimmicky VR bullshit that hasn't even made it into the main branch yet.

Not that I wish to defend Autodesk, Blender has at least been catching up over the last 5-10 years while they've been sitting on their asses doing fuck all.
IMO blender should at least come with a basic set of brushes for sculpting and painting
Also, some fucking layers in texture paint,i'm not gonna spend 10 seconds connecting some mix nodes and make a clusterfuck every time I want to add a layer
Add a blur node and make pointiness node work in eevee
Need an Edit Poly modifier similar to 3ds max
VSE is way too limited,let me mix the 3d camera view with the sequencer,add some templates(scrolling text and other vfx),curves in the audio track for panning/volume control...

Blender tries to be the jack of all trades so everything just end up being underdeveloped. Everything that's a one/two click in every other software end up being a cluster of menu hopping and a symphony of keyboard shortcuts in blender.
>Blur node
Fucking Christ this. There's so many times I've needed that shit. Really needs to have some basic operations like that in the shader editor.

Mainly for eevee, every game engine has them (ue4, cryengine and unity, at least), but would also be nice for cycles
Well, this thread is already filled to the brim with bullshit and lies (or maybe just ignorance), but here are some things that really bug me about Blender:

>you can't apply changes to multiple entities - only the main selected object/lamp/bone/etc. is changed
If you have hundreds of bones that you need to change from being deformation bones to not deforming shit, then you have to click on each and every bone separately and change its settings.

>the retarded flagging mechanic for data blocks

>Can't select multiple vertex groups
To delete many at the same time you have to set them to locked/unlocked and delete locked/unlocked from the little arrow dropdown menu (which is badly designed in itself). If you wnat to mirror vertex groups it has to be done manually for each group.

>UV packing
Why the absolute fuck doesn't Blender come with decent packing??? It's just a basic collision checking algorithm, isn't it?

All that aside, Blender is still leagues better than the collection of incompetence that makes up Maya.
I can't understand why there is STILL a bug where you can't join everything together sometimes, unless you first select only a couple objects, join them, and THEN select everything and join again. This always shows up with a higher number of objects.

Also, pls gib some a bend modifier, not this bullshit that requires setting up empty objects.
>Why the absolute fuck doesn't Blender come with decent packing??? It's just a basic collision checking algorithm, isn't it?
No, lol. What?
>you can't apply changes to multiple entities
Hold alt while changing the property.

>the retarded flagging mechanic for data blocks
There was talk about changing this during development of 2.8, it may still come to pass.
>Hold alt while changing the property
I never knew about this! Fuck me, that could have saved mea lot of time.
Thanks for the info

>There was talk about changing this during development of 2.8, it may still come to pass.
THink they said they decided against it... AGAIN.
Parallax/Occlusion support would be great. Tesselation too, but I don't know if that's separate.
If anything, adaptive subdiv in Eevee would be a godsend. There really should be a way to have LoD models swapped on the fly for Eevee or something.

I know it's not a game engine, but if it's gonna use the same tricks, it should at least go all in.
Simple deform modifier does bend.
Though it's complete trash and doesn't work half the time.

Slightly related, but Proportional editing only works in one direction. Like it'll work going down, but to do the same operation with the same falloff in the opposite direction you have to bring the whole object down, invert the selection and drag that up. It's hard to explain, but it's fucked. You should be able to invert the falloff, though I may just be retarded and I'm missing a button to press.
I really dont understand why eevee doesnt support adaptative subdiv; like, shouldn't the mesh engine be separate from rendering engine? Why can't they feed adaptative subdiv meshes to eevee too?

As far as I know, the plugin DECALMachine manages to get some parallax, i don't know if its a custom shading script, or if it is some node trickery thought.
Pretty sure adaptive subdiv uses raytracing for it which is why.
I really don't see why they can't implement rays for things that aren't sampled pixels though. That can't be too intensive of a process since you're just getting distance values.

Decal Machine uses node trickery. Mainly a bunch of math nodes and shit. A proper node or implementation would be good though. It can't do positive values very well, so tesselation is kind of fucked. Not to mention things look sliced up if you push the parallax even slightly.
On the bright side, eevee itself is amazing. The fact that they managed to pull up a whole new real time engine stuff is incredible.

They already have the foundations, let's give them time.
File: 1563911059793.jpg (64 KB, 630x399)
64 KB
>They already have the foundations, let's give them time.
Didn't 2.79 already have a real time engine?
Nah I don't think so. Unless you mean internal, which really wasn't realtime.

Hopefully. I'm sure a lot of time will be given to it, I'm just greedy and want it now. Eevee is definitely usable, and I've pretty much switched to using it as my primary renderer, but there's just a lot of things that are missing.
Maybe there's some sort of workaround to get adaptive subdiv on things using linked scenes and render layers. You can kind of fake motion blur that way, but it's still pretty shit.
i can't edit a model with x symmetry unless i delete one half and apply a mirror modifier. this is some bullshit.
If you just want to move vertices, you can activate x mirror but yeah, this won't work with creation of vertices.
top fucking kek
>You cannot bake 2 different "Actions" Into One Action.

>I cannot copy the graph from a bone from one action to the same bone but on another action.

anyone have tips for this, But I cannot find anything to help me.
can't subtract one object from another
>You cannot bake 2 different "Actions" Into One Action
Literally just copy the frames, you idort.
Good viewport performance
I also wish this would get fixed
also if you select all child objects and then drag the parent to a collection it just moves the parent

there is no excuse why this was not fixed in 2.8
>there is no excuse why this was not fixed in 2.8
I'm guessing it wasn't production tested. This shit wouldn't happen otherwise. They really need to have studios and other professional users test their release candida... oh, wait. Nevermind.
>better paint tools. iv been using blender for 5+ years and i haven't figured how to use the color palette, the people that designed this tool should be shot in the head
>better render settings, the default settings could crush someones computer.
>automatic lightning profiles would be nice
>get rid of baking entirely because its horrible. just scrap it and think it over for the next version
>make a better exporter for unity and unreal, with profiles and stuff. like you should have done long time ago
oh and actually allow for group delete in the outliner
apparently there's a big outliner update around the corner (you will finally be able to shift-select several items in it at once for example)
>you will finally be able to shift-select several items in it at once for example
lolwut, this isn't possible?
It is, I think they mean like how it works everywhere else.
Shift select at the top of a list, and at the bottom and it selects the whole list. Ctrl click for multiple individual items.
For now shift select only works like a ctrl click, and to select a list of items you either have to shift click manually, or drag a box.
yeah that's what I meant.
but you forgot to mention that to draw a selection box you need to tap B which is also annoying.
luckily apparently you will be able to pull a selection box without that in the future too.
Aside from literal bugs, a lot of this is people not reading any documentation, not checking if there's a free pre-included add-on (blender has hundreds in user prefs, turned off by default), not checking stack exchange, or not googling.
If someone does something in a tutorial that seems slow or awkward or clumsy, they're probably doing it wrong

>in after everything in blender is slow or clumsy or awkward
File: 1552482241048.png (1.17 MB, 1280x1080)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Blender is completely incapable of animating when multiple layers of rigs are involved. When you have a complex control rig with hundred of objects and joints everything just slows down to a crawl. Absolutely unusable.
This whole thread is a really embarrassing read.
blender is pretty embarrassing all around yeah, what can ya do?
>Am I bad? :o
>No, it must be the software :)
>nobody uses our software!
>it's the users' fault, they are too dumb to realize how good it is!
File: 1543591396766.jpg (183 KB, 788x788)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
>nobody uses Blender

>the industry is tied up with Maya dependency so that's why I can pretend Blender is bad when I'm failing at doing a basic fucking google search
This is bait, right?
>smug trump picture
bait or not, this person is a complete moron
only a retard would post a pic of blimpf
File: 1541515142259.png (53 KB, 400x400)
53 KB
Blendlets came and the thread went to shit.
File: 1540922753431.gif (777 KB, 342x342)
777 KB
777 KB GIF
>no photoshop style layers for each individual texture
Annoying as fuck, even fucking PAINT has them

>dares to make the brush bigger than ant sized
>brush edges slightly shoot over the corner and affect parts of the model that are further behind from your point of view
>have to clean up the stupid ass paint streak it created
Yeah, it will take a while until they finally get somewhere with the paint tools I guess.
File: 1516726266514.gif (1.98 MB, 216x150)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
>Armory Paint is released
>has all those features
>doesn't support native Blender material nodes, because it has it's own meme system running on a separate engine :^)
File: 1524656869958.jpg (66 KB, 1024x1024)
66 KB
>Pablo is finally hired to work on sculpting and TEXTURING tools
>he works on vertex paint features :^)
Pablo can't fucking re-program the whole thing.
I'd just let him do his thing because so far he's doing an amazing job. People ask more and more of him so I hope he's not one of those who buckle under the pressure and then just ragequit.
Or that he will get kicked out because in interviews he said lots of things that were a bit "harsh" especially for the short time he's actually working on Blender. I bet some of that must have rustled some jimmies of some years long devs over there.
That is what happens when you make /3/ the first fucking board that pops up on the stupid ass smartphone app.
>Pablo can't fucking re-program the whole thing
Literally why the fuck not
Well actually when I think about it, you have a point. The dude seems so determined that kinda everything seems possible.
Yeah. And now he's on a payroll too and can do anything he wants at his own leisure.
I just don't get why he wastes time and energy on vertex paint.
>I just don't get why he wastes time and energy on vertex paint.
He is merging the sculpt and vertext paint mode, the goal is to remove vertext paint and do that in the sculpt mode because it is easier to implement instead of keep 2 modes and it is faster, I really want to know what are his plans for the texture paint, I suppose the goal should be something like Substance Painter
All i need is
>layers with different blend modes per material without having to use FUCKING NODES
>standard brushes without having to use FUCKING NODES
>curvature masking without having to use FUCKING NODES
Thank you.
Sure, nobody likes nodes for basic things, lots of the tools are there but the workflow is horrible.
Acceptable performance in edit mode. 2.8 shat the bed with this.
File: 1559946548244.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
Let's hope the pablomon will find a way

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