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File: Tifa is PERFECT.jpg (166 KB, 1081x693)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Some people have been complaining about Tifa on the FF7 Remake. "Her face is this and that."

But IMO she is perfect. They nailed it.

But I wonder, would anyone here do better?

And please do not post that gorilla Tifa here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xGkLm She is fucking ugly.
I'm not a fan of the artstation tifa either. I think Square did a pretty good job all things considered.
File: Tifa 1560272966943.jpg (1.99 MB, 5002x5002)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
Higher res
Gorilla Tifa is thicc, and that's all I ask for in a waifu.

Nothing wrong with the face they just took advent children tifa and gave her skin pores. You can tell they snoyed her up tho. Sportbra undershirt thing which ruins the silhouette and compresses her breasts. Stupid wrinkes under the breasts so they dont emphasise the outline of them. Fucking spats that go half way down her legs instead of underwear and tigh highs to cover up the legs. The socks and boots combor worked better before now they hang out too far and look distracting. Just put a fucking burka on her and be done with it.
File: adventTifa.jpg (619 KB, 1600x932)
619 KB
619 KB JPG
Looks ok but I think the one they had in Advent Children has it beat. While similar it looks to me like they've changed the mesh quite a bit and for the worse.
she looks fine. /v/ is full of underage b& who think every vidya character needs to look like brianna banks.
That Tifa is 2 years older since the movie takes place after the game so you really can't compare the remake version to the movie version.
Sure I can, you see Tifa is a collection of coordinates, she doesn't actually have a aging cycle, she can look like whatever one decide.
>Just put a fucking burka on her and be done with it.

As much as my kneejerk response is to ridicule such remarks I think it's sad you can not keep a character celebrated for cup-size as such anymore.
It's a massive mistake to move away from big titties as a sexual lure.

In the age of pedobears you want kids to become facinated with sex characteristics exclusive to mature women.

Sjw's and the like dont understand characterization. It would be like redesigning Jessica Rabbit to be a flatchested wallflower.
File: Tifa_Lockhart_art.png (75 KB, 166x347)
75 KB
Huh?? But her tits on the remake are comparable in size with the original design.

But if you mean the FF7 CGI, that's not canon.

Not the original but they are the same size as cricis core.
>But if you mean the FF7 CGI, that's not canon.

That was how the character was originally viewed by the fanbase, whithout them attention grabbing cutscene knockers
and that signature braless tanktop + miniskirt look she'd prob would've remained a pretty obscure character.

Instead she remained a super popular cosplay/fanart/doujin icon ever since because her simple outfit and casually slutty look.
I'm not saying every female character has to be a sexbomb, just that Tifa in particular kinda deserves to be one because that's her legacy.

She's the braless Jennifer Aniston of gaming, a 90's icon.
File: tifaRescale.jpg (310 KB, 1499x917)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
The concept art for tifa shows her with extremely long limbs and giant hands and feet. If you rescale her to have proportions similar to a realistic human you see just how large a feature her breast really is on that torso.
I think you've been conservative in adjusting the size of her breasts.

Sauce on those thots.
File: tifaLessConservative.jpg (307 KB, 1499x917)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
You might be right, here's a less conservative version.
Femjoy, Friends Forever.

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