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File: music microphone.jpg (34 KB, 320x240)
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Is there a way to convert a .max file into a .obj or .dae file to use it into Blender?
I searched a lot but I can't find a solution.
My pc can't run 3ds max
Not without max installed. Use the questions thread.
>My pc can't run 3ds max
Use bootcamp or windows virtualization like VMware. That's how I run 3dsmax on a mac.
The problem is that my PC is not powerful enough. (I have an old PC with Windows XP)
go to the questions thread you fucking idiot.
Upload it somewhere and I'll convert it for you if you want
A thread at the bottom died for this??
File: mics.png (801 KB, 1680x907)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
FBX, should work fine in Blender


The materials were some ancient V-Ray thing so you'll have to replace those yourself
Then get a new computer that CAN run 3DS Max? Or is that out of the question?
Thank you
I'm working to buy one
>>just buy new shit
>>but who was money
3ds Max 2010 can run on Windows XP.
Protip: If you don't mind the noise, buy a decommissioned server. Just got my hands on a dual processor e5-2670 supermicro server for 1400$ Canadian; 16 cores, 32 logical cores 194g of DDR3 1333. Some guy bought it at a liquidation auction, but didn't know what he had... It isn't bleeding edge fast, but its well, well beyond any desktop computer I'd get at that price range.

When I got it set up (which was as easy as a fresh install of ubuntu) I did a quick speed test. It took me longer to physically click "render scene" then it did for the computer to spit out a cycles render of the fresh install startup cube scene in blender 2.79.

Also, buy old Tesla cards off ebay, asap... All the bitcoin miners are dumping their supplies onto the market cuz gpu mining hasn't been profitable for awhile now. Telsas may have no video output, but blender can use their CUDA cores just fine. Like 100$ will get you another 3k worth of CUDA cores easily.

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