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I am advanced in IRL drawing and design as well as zbrush modeling, I want to learn how to make relativity simple to more advanced animations (not like a full movie) is cinema 4D the best option and if so do i need to use after affects in conjunction.

sorry if this is a dumb question i know nothing about animation or motion graphics but dont know where to start

Cinema 4d is good but not the best. sadly maya is still the best tool when it comes to animation. Cinema 4d is heavy behind it. people use cinema 4d because it is very stable and you can literally mix its particle system into the animation and automatic rig shit.. which save you a shit load of money and working around when you have to make animated simulation based on particle impact.
> motion graphics
please OP, i beg you. don't do it. please don't do it
i dont want to do motion graphics that was a wrong choice of words, still dont know too much about this stuff

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