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File: RingLikeSaturn4_c.jpg (36 KB, 435x329)
36 KB
I am trying to put rings (like Saturn or similar) in the sky (as viewd from the surface).
Does anyone know of any presets or materials or effects scripts one could use to produce this type or ring arking across the sky - either in Bryce 4 or in Vue 2016?
Maybe particle effects in a circle.
File: rings.jpg (145 KB, 1920x1080)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Take a flat ring shape and just use pic related or similar as the texture.
Plug the black in as the alpha and you're set.
I don't think it's any different in any other programs.
What >>658690 said
take polystrip, subdivide a few hundred times in one axis, apply a texture like this to diffuse and alpha, uv map it or bend strip
File: index.jpg (10 KB, 320x157)
10 KB
I use the old Mojoworld Planet Generator
>Mojoworld Planet Generator
Where can I get that? I understand the last release was 2005 or so?!

Source pls?
App is long gone and the devs lost the source code in a HD crash. It's slow and in now way optimized for modern CPUs or GPUs. And the images are nothing that couldn't be done better in Terragen, Vue or even Bryce. The main difference was that Mojoworld generated not just terrains but whole procedureal planets with moons and a sun (and rings optionally)
Yeah but where can I get download it?
well, I'm not sure if i get banned here when I link to it cause its not a legal copy
Right, sorry.

You could post a Pastebin link to the actual link.
try cgpeers or cgpersia
I found it. Sorry I'm a complete brainlet...didn't think about that.
Hate to be that guy but if Saturn was that close the planet you were standing on would be ripped apart by Saturn's gravity.
Hate to be that guy but if you read OP's post properly you'd understand he's asking about how to create planetary rings as viewed from the surface of said planet.
>Hate to be that guy but
Saturn is a gas giant and has no solid surface (they are not sure about the core though)
this app btw generates the whole observable universe but it takes a while before one finds a good spot naturally

If the core is solid then wouldn't it be the planet and the gas around it it's atmosphere?
Nah, I could be wrong about all this, but gas giants don't have a solid surface at all, or a core. Just because of how they're made.
When the solar system was forming and shit, there was a fuck ton of gas floating around and rocks. Most of the gas coalesced and formed into the sun, some of the rocks got beat together and formed into the rocky planets, and the asteroids and moons and shit. The gas that was left over though, eventually combined together due to gravity into the other gas giants. Technically speaking, they're incomplete stars. If there was enough gas they could have gotten enough of it for the gravity and energy to kick start fission and turn those bad boys into stars. The thing is though, with as big as Jupiter is, it's not that close to starhood, as it would need a metric fuckton of gas and matter for that.
*star stuff
*big boi star radiation
i only listen to this guy
The thing is though, the sun only has the core because it's dense enough to compress the hydrogen gas it's made up of into a core. Gas giants are fucking huge and have a ton of atmospheric pressure, but they're not dense enough to do that (why do you think they float in space? ba dum tsssshh). For example, Neptune or Uranus (one of the two, I can't remember), is so "non-dense" (holy shit I don't think there's a word for things being not dense), it actually floats in water. This could be wrong, but the amount of material a gas giant would need to be a star isn't linear but exponential, since the density would compress the size of the planet, so it'd get smaller as it got more dense. Eventually the compression would reach a point where it couldn't do it any more and then you'd get that solid core, star stuff, and it'd start to grow because of heat expansion.

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