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File: trackball-reviews.jpg (148 KB, 1200x626)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Lads, 3rd worlder here, wanting to invest on a trackball this african american friday.
What does /3/ recommend? Something that won't break the bank, if you will.
I mainly work with AutoCAD (2D) and Solidworks (3D)
Can't trust other places not to shill for shekels.
Logitech m570, everything else is trash.
Unless you can find a wired logitech trackman wheel
what's the appeal of these? why use one over a mouse?
That's a really good reason, do you find them to be just as accurate as mice?
apologies, I have no personal experience with those, but for me, their appeal is pretty much that, better ergonomics for people that draw a ton using a mouse
If you are prone to carpal tunnel, these eliminate wrist movement for one, they also occupy much less workspace because the actual mouse is stationary, also manipulating the ball with your thumb is more precise imo

I started using one in 2009 and haven't looked back
File: 4953103308152.jpg (28 KB, 500x500)
28 KB
Ended up getting that Elecom extra large trackball, there was one of those flash sales at Amazon, paid 45 USD for it.
File: Penguin Mouse 4.jpg (85 KB, 1000x1000)
85 KB
This. I've got the same and it's pretty great.

If you want to spend a bit more though get a Penguin mouse (pic related). They look retarded and take a day or two to get used to, but Jesus, I've never had hand pain at all with it. Normal mice hurt after a while, and so does the Logitech after a good bit more, but the Penguin has been super comfy this whole time even after hours of straight work. Especially because it's ambidextrous. If my hand hurts on one side, just flip hands and give it a break. I wish the Logitech was able to switch hands but that's the only problem with it for me.
CST L-Trac masterrace
you can still pinch nerves in your wrist by using your thumb all the time. I used to use one as a teenager and almost converted a friend, but his dad was a chiropractor and refused to let him use one
Lifter here. I used to get inflammation in my tendons a lot, but I started experimenting with diet and now I no longer get tendonitis and shit. Basically you need to eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet like grains, nuts, seeds, starches, etc. They have a lot of toxic compounds to mammals as a defense mechanism from being eaten. I stick to an animal products only diet with some fruits from time to time. You don't have to eliminate carbs completely, but it helps to go keto to reduce inflammation. Just eat meat, dairy, eggs and you'll be fine and not deficient in anything since they're super nutritious. Best of luck to ya.
He's wrong anon. You would have to use it a looot. His dad was just retarded.
Can vouch for this. I did carnivore keto to lose weight. In a few weeks most of my wrist and elbow inflammation were gone. I did pic related for about 2 mins every day and now joints feel great.
Here's a pro-tip before you trackball yourself; Try and wear a tennis wristband for a few days and make a point of having it on whenever you sit by the computer.
Carpal Tunnel isn't so much from using a regular mouse as it is you fucking around with your wrist to get around the friction of your skin coming into contact with the mousepad.
When you have cloth on your wrist your hand will glide more effortlessly across the surface and relieve compression of the nerves when your hand is at rest.
The wristband will also straighten your wrist and gently aid in flexion making you work the mouse more from elbow and shoulder unconsciously.
File: IMG_20181210_195822190.jpg (128 KB, 1418x798)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Been using this bad boy for years. I've had to rebuild it 3 times though, I feel the day when I can't get spare parts. I know the make a wireless version but wired4lyfe bro!
I have the wireless version of that mouse and the battery life is pretty good man.
I've had batteris in about a year and I've used it every day still works fine. It's not hard to just swap them out when they run dry, especially compared to rebuilding that gross looking mouse. I'd prefer wired, but using the mouse across the room when I'm watching videos has its benefits.
I see bad dragon is delving into the computer tech industry these days.
trackballs are older than mice

found the filthy Zoomer

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